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We watch thousands of hours of social video so, you don't have to.

Providing cutting edge Brand Safety tools through influencer vetting & accurate product and brand mentions.

Giving you the confidence in your Creator led campaigns.

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RippleXn unlocks the full potential of social video marketing, giving brands and agencies control, confidence and insights alongside due-diligence and advertising compliance.

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For the whole creator economy

For Brands

Revolutionary influencer marketing tools for inhouse teams. Influencer due-diligence beyond advertising compliance. Real-time social video campaign & ambassador listening.

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For Agencies

Automate proof-of-work, influencer profile authentication & advertising compliance status via SaaS or API into your own reporting dashboards. Many more features and services available.

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For Creators

Improve your commercial opportunities with the world's biggest brands & agencies by increasing your profile through the RippleXn portfolio platform.

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For Regulators

Innovative solutions available to regulatory bodies around the world, offering tools and insights that facilitate informed oversight through to investigations.

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RippleXn is a compliance monitoring SaaS platform for the creator economy


RippleXn is a complete Influencer brand safety solution. Giving brands & agencies total peace of mind.

Are you working or want to work with more influencers across multiple platforms than you can realistically check? RippleXn knows the substance of the contents, and not just a view count. Working across YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok for long and short-form video. Be able to check years of previous work against your own custom lists of terms and keywords that matter to you. Giving you confidence in who you collaborate with.


Closed captioning is not sophisticated enough to identify new products, brands, or compliance statements in such challenging audio environments.

RippleXn's proprietary AI systems are trained to recognise new releases and the contextual delivery of compliance in 1000s of livestreams and VODs as they happen.

Giving Creators total control and visibility over their data
Giving Creators total control and visibility over their data


Influencer marketing is resource-hungry when operating at meaningful scale.

That means less time to absorb the storytelling aspect of a campaign; what are your partners saying, and how they are saying it. We can read quicker than we can view a video, so RippleXn's summarisation features and keyword highlighting gets you up to speed in a fraction of the time.


Providing peace of mind to all stakeholders.

RippleXn is making the influencer due-diligence process and audit trails effortless and scalable, safeguarding the interests of video content creators and brands. If compliance and partnership transparency are important to your business, speak to us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RippleXn is designed to make social video compliance accessible and scalable from the outset. Talk to the team about your requirements. SaaS and API options available.

For Publishers, Brands and Creators, your privacy is built in at the heart of everything we do and is hosted within GDPR jurisdiction. Our platform gives total transparency to all consenting parties. You can manage your permissions at any time.

Enterprise clients will have a named success manager. They will be able to assist or get you the assistance you need. For top-tier enterprise clients compliance lawyers are available to assist with any regulator actions.

No! Regulatory bodies are not looking to generate revenue. Their specific remit is the protection of consumers and generating the conditions needed for this space to grow. By adopting best practices avoids compliance enforcement at a platform level, which is blunt and heavy-handed as we saw with music copyright.

Initially, Yes. But our roadmap includes all video content categories under the scrutiny of regulatory bodies.

Marketers, PR, Community, Agencies, in-house Council, Compliance officers, industry bodies and regulators


Review and compare the packages page initially. Talk to the team if you would like to discuss a custom enterprise plan.

Initially Twitch and YouTube. Both livestreams and VOD. More to come.

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