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Next-level reporting for your client’s social video campaigns

Manage multiple clients and creator campaigns all in one place.

RippleXn is able to watch thousands of concurrent YouTube and Twitch livestreams and VODs so you don’t have to!

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Sponsored and incentivized partnerships are under the microscope. RippleXn’s service can give you a USP in the next pitch and evidence on your competitors

Using the web interface or the API service you can authenticate your chosen creators identity and age, get proof of work for your sponsored collaborations and incentivized reviews with compliance evidence to level-up your client reporting.


RippleXn is a compliance monitoring SaaS Tools

Are you working with more influencers than you can realistically review content for in real-time? Are you contracted to check that all sponsored collaborations and product reviews are legally compliant in all jurisdictions? RippleXn processes the actual content of livestreams and VOD, monitoring for brand and product mentions and legally required compliance statements.

RippleXn is a compliance monitoring SaaS Tools


Designed for agencies - the all-in-one SaaS solution

RippleXn has many features and benefits for agencies to use directly or API into inhouse tools.

SaaS or API access

Multi seat licences or API access. You choose.

Real-time compliance risk

Monitoring YouTube & Twitch for campaign launches or historic campaign verifications - create your campaign and press Go.

Save thousands of hours in reporting

Use the platforms summary and granular detail reports, or feed into your inhouse solution.


Proof-of-work, transcripts and summarization.

Integrate or upload your creators

Make the whitelabel verification part of your creator onboarding process.

Automated audit trails

Gold standard campaign reporting with comms logs.

How can we help?

Providing next level automated compliance and metrics to agencies

RippleXn is making the compliance process and audit trail effortless and scalable. Add this service to your agency offering and delight your clients. Speak to us today for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

RippleXn is designed to make social video compliance accessible and scalable from the outset. Talk to the team about your requirements. SaaS and API options available.

You can check on the FTC website by following this link.

Features are growing by the month. You will be able to see things like summaries of compliance status with all the evidence at a VOD or live stream level. You will get all the metrics, brand & organisation information too. Register your interest for a demo.

Marketers, PR, Community, Agencies, in-house Council, Compliance officers, industry bodies and regulators to name a few.

See the Packages and Pricing page for the latest options. Or contact the sales team for custom or enterprise packages.

Initially Twitch and YouTube. Both livestreams and VOD. More to come.

Initially, Yes. But our roadmap includes all video content categories under the scrutiny of regulatory bodies.

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