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Influencer due-diligence beyond compliance

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Advertising compliance

Content is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction it is seen in, and not just where it is created. Are you ontop of checking each and every piece of content produced?

Choosing the right partners

Avoid any potential backlash by understanding their content, not just their view count. Know what they talk about and how frequently with their audience. Finding and aligning correctly gives your campaign the best chance of success.

Brand safety

Avoiding predictable brand risks is the key. RippleXn has tools including age verification, exclusion words, risk management across political, religious, obscenity and regulated products.


Avoid future ethical conflicts by ensuring that your influencers when signing up to your campaigns have agreed to your company's code of ethics & standards.

Reputation damage

Avoiding reputation damage is the ideal. However, knowing fast and having accurate information in real-time can allow you to manage any situation that arises.

Do more with less

Successful Influencer marketing is incredibly resource intensive when operating at scale.. Having the contents of the videos and not just view counts with alerts and workflows can automate hours of manual checking.

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RippleXn offers next-level brand safety for your social video campaigns.

We can watch 1000s of concurrent video posts and livestreams, so you don’t have to. Move your influencer reporting beyond upload dates and views with storytelling with insights. Lead on compliance and online safety.


Marketer, PR, and Legal teams alike.

RippleXn is designed for the needs of all stakeholders. RippleXn enables marketers to do more and check all verbal advertising compliance declarations for all jurisdictional regulations.

Marketer, PR, and Legal teams alike


Giving you more confidence that your influencers are representing your brand the way you want them to.

The world's first and only SaaS that performs social video listening at scale, transforming the way brands interact with their influencers. This unique solution bridges the gap between brands and influencers, turning potential risks into lucrative opportunities.

Influencer due-diligence

Know who you are collaborating with across all social platforms. Review their previous works against your criteria.

Brand safety channel checks

Ensure any moral, ethical, licensing or corporate requirements are taken care of.

Advertising compliance

Confidence that your partners follow all the advertising compliance rules in all their posts.

Campaign analytics

Reach and impact reports as standard.

Contractual checks

Have specific things you need them to say or do, use the campaign specific checks feature.

Accurate transcripts

View sentiment around product & brand mentions. Plus confidence with RippleXn's influencer age verification.


Providing peace of mind for marketing & legal teams.

RippleXn is making influencer due-diligence, contractual checks, advertising compliance processes and audit trail effortless and scalable, safeguarding the interests of video content creators and brands.


Frequently Asked Questions

RippleXn is designed to make social video compliance accessible and scalable from the outset. Talk to the team about your requirements. Complex and Distributed teams are catered for in workflows and dashboards.

You can check on the FTC website by following this link.

Features are growing by the month. You will be able to see things like summaries of compliance status with all the evidence at a VOD or live stream level. You will get all the metrics, brand & organisation information too. Register your interest for a demo.

Marketers, PR, Community, Agencies, in-house Counsel, Compliance officers, industry bodies and regulators to name a few.

See the ‘Packages and Pricing’ page for the latest options. Or contact the sales team for custom or enterprise packages.

Initially Twitch and YouTube. Both livestreams and VOD. More to come.

During the Closed Beta phase, yes. But our roadmap includes all video content categories under the scrutiny of regulatory bodies.


Review and compare the packages page initially. Talk to the team if you would like to discuss a custom enterprise plan.

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