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Regulation increases opportunity!

At RippleXn, we are committed to fostering a compliant and ethical influencer marketing ecosystem.

We’ve extended our innovative solutions to regulatory bodies around the world, offering tools and insights that facilitate informed oversight and policy formulation.

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RippleXn is a compliance monitoring SaaS Tools

The creator economy stakeholder map; regulatory compliance creates more opportunities for all, within a safe and welcoming ecosystem.


Why Partner with RippleXn?

As regulatory bodies tasked with maintaining the integrity of the advertising and marketing industries, you are at the forefront of driving & navigating the complex and ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing. RippleXn stands as a reliable partner, offering solutions that empower you with the latest ‘resource multiplier’ technology; the tools to operate at meaningful scale, regardless of how fast the industry continues to grow.


Real-Time Ad Compliance Video Monitoring

Leverage our AI-driven tools to monitor influencer video content in real-time, identifying advertising disclosures, banned products, and age-related safety issues. 

Whether investigating complaints or maintaining oversight on known rule-breakers, RippleXn watches 1000s of hours of video for you in real time.

Real-Time Ad Compliance Video Monitoring


Measurement  and Insights

Measure and track compliance data over time to instantly compile accurate reports demonstrating improvements and areas of future focus. Gain access to a wealth of  insights that can aid in policy formulation and regulatory oversight, helping to foster a marketing landscapethat is both innovative and responsible.

Measurement  and Insights


Education is an enabler 

We facilitate workshops and educational programs aimed at raising awareness about the importance of compliance and ethical conduct in influencer marketing, both for creators and brands.

>Education is an enabler


Frequently Asked Questions

RippleXn is designed to make social video compliance accessible and scalable from the outset. Talk to the team about your requirements. SaaS and API options available.

We offer a range of services including real-time monitoring tools, collaborative policy formulation support, and educational initiatives.

Our platform provides detailed analytics on influencer campaigns, including compliance advertising adherence reports, brand safety checks, language age ratings, looking for specific keywords and phrases and much, much more.

To-date YouTube (video, Shorts & audiobooks), TikTok, Twitch (livestream & video) and Instagram (Stories & Reels). Other video platforms can be done and by request.

We adhere to stringent data security and protection standards, including GDPR, COPPA and similar regional legislation. Our specialist knowledge of running influencer marketing platforms gives us the broadest possible insight into the workflows of all stakeholders, so we can anticipate and adapt our software to privacy law as it evolves to keep up with the technology and user landscape.


Why Partner with RippleXn?

To learn more about how RippleXn can assist your regulatory body in fostering a compliant and ethical influencer marketing landscape, talk to us today for more information and to schedule a demonstration.