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Industry news, opinions and articles around compliance & the video games industry

Understanding Stitch on TikTok: A Creative Tool and Its Legal Implications

TikTok's Stitch function represents a creative tool that allows users... Read More

Is Influencer Marketing in your Responsible Marketing Framework?

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Irish ASAI receives 800 complaints in 5 weeks

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12 Days of a Social Media Christmas

It’s the end of the calendar year, and the RippleXn’s... Read More

ASA are using Instagrammers to amplify the message

The TL;DR The ASA, the UK’s advertising regulator, has partnered... Read More

The ACCC's Call for Transparency in Influencer Marketing - Dec 2023 report

TL;DR A new report (Dec 2023)  by the Australian Competition... Read More

The Future of Influence: Unpacking Ogilvy's 2024 Influence Trends Report

The Creator Economy is expanding at an exponential rate, projected... Read More

Social media checks solved for HR and Recruiters

We are thrilled to announce the first launch in a... Read More

UK’s FCA Issues 146 alerts on first day of crypto marketing rules update

Advertising regulations are similar, but different by country. Then if... Read More

New Guidance on Advertising for Influencers in Ireland

The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) in conjunction with... Read More