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Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin are Going to Decide this Election, Right? WRONG!

Could Texas and - Gasp - Kansas be the Swing States that Decide the Election?

There’s a new sheriff in town in the U.S. political landscape. A credible third-party candidate is rising, with a unique appeal to the under-45 population. But before we unpack this potential political earthquake, let’s explore the secret sauce set to revolutionize how we measure electoral impact: social video listening. We are listening - are you?

The Game-Changer: Social Media Video Listening

As the political terrain in the U.S. undergoes significant changes, so do the strategies for campaign success. Gone are the days when traditional swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin monopolized electoral focus. Emerging onto the stage are states like Texas and Kansas, challenging long-held assumptions and reflecting a more diverse electoral battleground. In this evolving scenario, social media video listening emerges as a pivotal tool in capturing the pulse of the electorate across these new swing states.

What’s Different Now?

Traditional political strongholds are being re-evaluated as younger voters voice their concerns and preferences in new and technologically savvy ways. Ohio and Kansas, traditionally red states, have shown progressive leanings on issues like marijuana legalization and abortion rights. And Texas, long speculated to shift from red to purple, is now a potential ground for unprecedented change. Could we witness the unthinkable - an independent candidate capturing a state in the U.S. elections?

The States to Watch

Focusing on the eight states with the highest populations under the age of 45 - California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina - reveals where the under-45 demographic, grappling with issues like housing affordability, the aftermath of the pandemic, and environmental concerns, might sway the electoral tide.

The Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Factor

Enter Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose campaign strategy is resonating powerfully with this demographic. The New York Times/Siena swing-state polls showed him getting up to a quarter of the potential vote in some states. He pulled slightly more from Donald Trump than President Biden.

A recent Quinnipiac poll had him at a whopping 22% when matched up with Biden and Trump. He pulled from both men in that survey, though Biden maintained a 3-point lead over Trump.

His engagement tactics, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, exemplify the effectiveness of social media video listening. By tapping into the current sentiments of the electorate, particularly among younger voters, Kennedy’s approach highlights the potential of social media listening to unveil the unanticipated trends shaping this election. 

RippleXn is listening - are you?

In the coming days, weeks and months, the RippleXn team with partners are actively finding and listening to a variety of sources across YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok to see what is being said, and importantly reactions and trends over time. More will be shared in time and in the run up to the actual election.  We believe that this is a first and are excited about this experiment.


Do you want to listen too? Are you an university, political orientated organisation, a broadcaster or other?

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