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Social Intelligence Lab - demo debut

This June RippleXn was delighted to be joining brands, agencies, technology providers, and thought leaders at a two-day event delving into social listening solutions. 

We were amongst esteemed company, and it was particularly interesting to see how social listening has moved forward; both in terms of capability and necessity.

Customers we speak to recognise that, not that long ago, any brand engaging in marcoms activity would have a monitoring and oversight component to that campaign. Not to know what people were saying or writing on your behalf would be unthinkable!

Yet when it comes to social video… Cue nervous shuffling. Thankfully that’s no longer the case, or rather it needn’t be because technology has finally caught up.

What was striking in the two-day demo, was we’re now seeing a new and emerging group of innovators that truly understand this space and its complexities. 

Equally evident was the growing demand for tools and services capable of more than simply collecting titles, tags and view counts. 

This step-change and sophistication we’re seeing with brands and agencies is great news for the Creator Economy as a whole. Brand safety is a precursor to marketing spend. Celebrate it!


Dr Jillian Ney in the RippleXn teaser.



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