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Social media checks solved for HR and Recruiters

We are thrilled to announce the first launch in a number of products and data partnerships powered by RippleXn’s AI social video listening tools.

RiskTorch is a new tool for HR professionals, recruiters, and businesses of all sizes needing to review social media accounts involving video posts.

Existing solutions can only review text (descriptions, titles and tags) for video posts when performing background checks, or ensuring a social media policy is being followed. 

RiskTorch uses the unique features of RippleXn’s brand safety functionality to create a search that aligns with an individual social media policy, then highlights videos and timecodes for human review.

One Product, Two functions

Bringing background checks up to date with today’s media usage

Background checks on applicants’ social media are commonplace in today’s job market, even more so when candidates are c-suite, management, or a mouthpiece for the business. 

Social media policies typically govern what can or can’t be said publicly by an employee on social media in relation to the business. At one end of the spectrum that could be rules not to wear your work uniform in social media posts, through to engagement with social topics and current events when you’re identifiably representing a company or client. 

RiskTorch is a simple 3-step tool to look at an applicant through the lens of that social media policy.

Upholding a Social Media Policy: 

Logically, there’s no point in creating a policy if you don’t have a way to ensure it’s being followed. 

In a recent survey we conducted with HR and Brand Safety teams, it was evident maintaining oversight was one of the major headaches departments were dealing with. 

This is where RiskTorch excels. Set up, run, and review alerts as they come in. Simple.

To find out how we can align RiskTorch to your social media policy for ongoing risk management, reach out to us here

RippleXn’s co-founder, Brazil Cromer concluded, “Social media is a massive part of our everyday lives and it’s right and proper to operate policies that reflect the values of your business and to safeguard staff. For any policy to work, there needs to be processes to uphold it, which is precisely where RippleXn’s core product comes into play”.

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