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Stepping out from stealth-mode

It has been a long time since we published on our own website. We have been busy!

Since the last post, there have been so many updates, regulatory movements and multiple closed-customer trials with global video games publishers. 

The product is now >50x faster than a human at viewing and understanding social videos, and we have only just begun. 

For the first time, the team will be going out and about to talk to a wider audience about RippleXn, for sales and as part of the funding rounds. 

Web Summit - November 1st til 4th, Lisbon, Portugal. 

Our CEO James Beaven and CMO Adrian Land are excited to be attending with 70,000 other entrepreneurs, startups, SaaS veterans, creators, digital and social disruptors.

If you are going to Web Summit and would like to meet, reach out on Linkedin. 

Slush - November 17th & 18th, Helsinki, Finland.

Our CSO Bazil Cromer is at this cutting-edge event. Slush has a singular mission: to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs. The event is famed for being a whirlwind 72 hours of learning & networking.

If you are going to Slush and would like to meet, reach out on Linkedin. 

"Peaking out from behind the curtains"

RippleXn had been operating in ‘stealth mode’ to date. The closed beta has taken the original Proof-of-Concept and after many interactions have now come-of-age. 

The latest milestone in a single campaign was the processing of >52 days worth of video in a single day.. 

The feedback from the customer trials has been unilaterally positive and the next handful are scheduled before Xmas.  A lot more to come. The team are super excited. 

The regulatory tailwind is building

Our next post will give more details. This is one of our favourite topics in the office and proves the business case beyond doubt.

When we started RippleXn with advertising compliance as the first product was seen by some as a nice to have. Now it is essential to have.

In summary, in the past year, there have been big movements all around the world. Regulators have been given ‘more teeth’, there are new bills out for consultation and growing general media interest.  

Influencer marketing in 2022 had grown by nearly a 100% and budgets are expected to be bigger in 2023. Undisclosed advertising and online harms are being legislated global, with existing advertising compliance being strengthened.

For a startup coming to market soon, the ‘stars are aligning’!

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