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Today is National Internet Safety Day 2023

The Importance of Staying Compliant on social media

Today is #NationalInternetSafetyday. We applaud the efforts of educators, parents, regulators and brands for their coordinated approach to promoting the potential pitfalls of online safety harm.

With social media playing an ever-increasing role in our daily lives, influencers have become a staple of the online ecosystem, promoting and advertising products and services. But with this increased exposure comes a greater need to protect against harmful content and promote responsible and positive use of technology. That is where RippleXn comes in.

RippleXn is a regulatory technology co-created by industry regulators and subject matter experts to help ensure compliance with social media regulation. It provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring influencers, detecting policy violations, and avoiding costly penalties from powerful regulators like the FTC and the ASA.

Why RippleXn challenged the status quo and become the future of online safety?

RippleXn is the first company that can listen to thousands of hours of streamed footage simultaneously, distilling it into compliance audits. It is already 52X quicker than a human at watching social videos.

This enables RippleXn to provide jurisdictional warnings based on where the content was posted, rather than where it was created, giving influencers the confidence to post content without worrying about compliance issues. Additionally, RippleXn offers a user-friendly single sign-on solution that enables influencers to authenticate with multiple brands, applications, and websites using just one set of credentials.

The Benefits of Choosing RippleXn

By using RippleXn, brands can stay ahead of the curve, avoiding the risk of building an in-house solution that may leave them exposed to regulatory sanctions. RippleXn provides access to best practices that are already in the market, giving you peace of mind that your content is compliant and safe.

In conclusion, deploying a specialist regulatory technology like RippleXn is a smart choice for brands working with social media influencers. With its co-creation by industry regulators and subject matter experts, and its ability to provide jurisdictional warnings and a user-friendly single sign-on solution, RippleXn provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for staying compliant and avoiding penalties.

Most of all, it provides everyone with a piece of mind, that we can finally listen to streamers and influencers at scale.

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