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12 Days of a Social Media Christmas

It’s the end of the calendar year, and the RippleXn’s team brainstormed how to incorporate brand safety and advertising compliance topics into the "12 Days of a Social Media Christmas".

It has been a big year for social media, internationally and domesticly, advertising regulators, and the ongoing exponential growth of social video. 

Here are 6 lucky dip articles that the team thinks sum up the year.

Lucky dip 1 | Lucky dip 2Lucky dip 3Lucky dip 4Lucky dip 5Lucky dip 6

Wishing all of those who are celebrating this holiday period. The support team is on-hand throughout, but please be patient for response times. The office will be closed on UK bank holidays.

Day 1: Gift of Brand Safety 

How to: Embrace brand safety best practices by utilizing native advertising, ensuring ethical content moderation, and carefully selecting ad placements. 

Measure: Track brand sentiment and ad performance indicators to evaluate brand safety effectiveness. 

Monitor: Continuously monitor social media campaigns for brand safety issues and promptly address any concerns.

Day 2: Gift of Best Practices 

How to: Craft engaging and authentic social media content that resonates with your target audience. Ensure you comply with all marketing legislation both advertising laws and specific industry ones such as financial services marketing.

Measure: Analyze audience engagement metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your content strategy. 

Monitor: Regularly review social media analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimize content accordingly.

Day 3: Gift of Ad Compliance 

How to: Comply with advertising regulations and industry standards by creating clear, non-misleading ad copy, using appropriate imagery, and targeting ads responsibly. 

Measure: Stay updated on the latest advertising compliance guidelines and regulations to ensure your campaigns remain compliant. Read and subscribe to our Insights blog!

Monitor: Employ third-party ad verification tools to detect and rectify any potential compliance issues. 

Day 4: Gift of Clear Guidelines 

How to: Develop clear and concise social media ad guidelines that align with brand messaging and overall marketing objectives. Make sure all your stakeholders know the policy and how it is measured and enforced. Include in your brief for all your collabs too.

Measure: Assess the effectiveness of your ad guidelines by monitoring ad performance and user feedback. Actively monitor your collabs, ensure they are onpoint, meet your brief and standard and take actions quickly if they are not. Have a process, avoid unnecessary attention!

Monitor: Regularly review and update ad guidelines to reflect emerging trends and changing regulations.

Day 5: Gift of Third-Party Audits 

How to: Engage third-party auditing firms to independently assess your social media campaigns for brand safety and advertising compliance. 

Measure: Evaluate the audit findings to identify areas where your campaigns can be strengthened or improved. 

Monitor: Continuously seek out third-party audits to maintain brand integrity and protect your reputation.

Day 6: Gift of Ongoing Monitoring 

How to: Implement a robust social media monitoring system to track brand mentions, user feedback, and potential issues. Use tools to monitor across all platforms in real-time and give you summaries on reach, performance and against what they should be doing! 

Measure: Utilize social listening tools to analyze sentiment, identify trends, and gather valuable insights for campaign optimization. Ensure that contractual phrases are said consistently e.g. “not financial advice”, or “this video was sponsored by …..”.

Monitor: Establish a dedicated process responsible for ongoing monitoring and prompt response to any concerns or incidents to the right stakeholders for immediate action. Have a process and trust your process!

Day 7: Gift of Continuous Learning 

How to: Stay abreast of the latest social media trends, algorithms, and brand safety regulations by engaging in continuous learning and training. Follow tool providers like us, along with key market regulators.

Measure: Assess your team's social media knowledge and skills through regular training and workshops. 

Monitor: Encourage cross-team collaboration and knowledge sharing to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Day 8: Gift of Sharing Knowledge 

How to: Collaborate with industry peers and share best practices for enhancing brand safety and advertising compliance on social media. 

Measure: Track the impact of knowledge sharing initiatives on brand reputation and social media engagement. Consider internal briefings and training.

Monitor: Actively participate in industry forums, webinars, and conferences to engage in knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Day 9: Gift of Vigilance 

How to: Be vigilant in anticipating and addressing brand safety and advertising compliance risks on social media. 

Measure: Regularly review social media content and ad campaigns to identify potential issues that could damage brand reputation. 

Monitor: Implement a system for proactive monitoring and rapid response to mitigate potential risks before they escalate.

Day 10: Gift of Partnership 

How to: A well chosen collaboration with a creator who reflects your brand’s mission/values and has a real audience you wish to promote yourself too.

Measure: Evaluate the effectiveness of partnerships in reducing brand risks and enhancing campaign performance. 

Monitor: Continuously evaluate and refine partnerships to ensure they align with your evolving social media marketing needs.Consider background checks to ensure you don’t misalign and cause any reputational damage. 

Day 11: Gift of Transparency 

How to: Demonstrate transparency in your approach to brand safety and advertising compliance by openly communicating your practices and addressing any concerns promptly. 

Measure: Assess the public's perception of your brand's transparency and commitment to responsible social media marketing. 

Monitor: Regularly engage with stakeholders and the public to foster trust and credibility in your brand's practices.

Day 12: Gift of Shared Responsibility 

How to: Recognize and embrace the shared responsibility for fostering a safe, transparent, and compliant social media ecosystem. Work with all stakeholders to ensure everyone’s needs are understood and met.

Measure: Contribute to industry-wide efforts to promote brand safety and advertising transparency through collaboration and advocacy. Make brand safety, ad compliance and quality collaborations a living and breathing part of your brand’s living identity.

Monitor: Stay engaged in discussions and initiatives that advance responsible social media practices across the industry.






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