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Irish ASAI receives 800 complaints in 5 weeks

In an era where traditional advertising methods are being overshadowed by social media influencers, Ireland's Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) is taking decisive action. Over 800 complaints were reported in just five weeks about influencers potentially failing to declare advertisements on social media platforms, according to the article on the

Public demand for transparency

The influx of complaints is indicative of a rising public demand for transparency in social media advertising. Users are becoming more aware of their rights and the ethical obligations of influencers, and they are not afraid to voice their concerns.

Reporting tools show initial success

The ASAI introduced a user-friendly reporting form, which has shown significant initial success. The tool simplifies the process of reporting suspected non-compliance with advertising standards.

It is worth noting that at this stage, a report doesn’t automatically result in a formal investigation. But, it does indicate either scoping, practicing or a pilot. In our opinion this is a great step on the journey.

Pushing ahead for consumer protections

Ireland is pushing ahead in its commitment towards consumer protections in the digital age. With the ASAI's proactive approach, the country sets an example for others to follow in ensuring transparency in advertising with what looks like strong public support.

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