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ASA strengthen their (Ad)vice on what is an ad!

Essential reading for Brands, Agencies and Content Creators

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has published an update to their Influencer Guidelines, (article “#Ad(vice) – Making clear that an ad is an ad” 23rd March 2023) along with additional resources and information to help brands, agencies and content creators navigate an increasingly complicated regulatory landscape. 

Over the next few updates, RippleXn will unpack some of the more significant changes to the guidelines, but for today here’s a TL;DR breakdown of what’s changed.

  1. Clearer definitions of who the guidelines are for and who falls under the heading of "influencer".
  2. More acknowledgement of video-sharing platforms, and those with video-sharing features e.g. YouTube, TikTok, Twitch.
  3. Disclosure when you’re an owner, employee, shareholder, director or have any other commercial or personal interest i.e. family and friends.
  4. Disclosing throughout any ongoing relationship and in relevant content for a period of 12 months after.
  5. Inclusion of event invites, loans, leases, rentals, or shares etc. for free (whether requested or unsolicited) in the definition of advertising.
  6. Deeper definition of Affiliate Marketing, rev-share links, and the additional legal requirements as a ‘co-marketer’.
  7. Significant word updates, “We usually recommend staying away from;” wording changed to, “we advise against using:” for specific words and hashtags  Supported by/ Funded by/ In association/ Sponsorship/ Sponsored/ Spon/ Sp/ Affiliate/ Aff/ Af/ Afflink/ Collab etc.
  8. Using #AD at the start of text or titles, on thumbnails and images.
  9. Added examples of what this looks like in practice. 
  10. How and where content creators should declare advertising in videos. 

The updated guidelines are a great step forward in helping everyone understand what’s required and when. 

Social video still has some complexities that would benefit from specific treatment by the ASA (and other regulators), particularly when looking at how short and long-form posts differ from live streaming. 

Finally, great to see the Influencer Marketing Trade Body working together with the ASA on this! 

Check our Blog for the next installments.



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