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Are you getting what you are paying for?

And are you potentially running up a risk of a fine?

Setting the scene

Imagine you are an inhouse influencer relations team or an agency working for your client.

You have done what you consider to be hard work? But now you have to watch and report on all of your success.

So far, you have found authentic influencers that match your brand requirements. You have vetted their video content and confirmed they are aligned with the brand’s values.

The client or your boss is happy with your recommendations, you have reached out, negotiated and agreed a commercial arrangement based on a creative brief and remuneration.

Everyone’s happy and both parties have e-signed the contract. What now?

Either during or post-campaign, the next step is measuring performance e.g. awareness, sales, leads and the like.

Aside from that, you now have the hygiene and some may say the hardest and underrated part of the campaign.

Some big questions ?

  • Has everyone you have booked done the work?
  • If they have done the work, did they complete the contract and the creative brief? Did they say the phrase you agreed and mentioned the product correctly? Were explicit exclusions mentioned, like a competitor or alternative product or brand?
  • Have you found all of the content they have created?
  • Have you watched all of the content?
  • Is your clippings report complete and what metrics does it give you?
  • Have your Creators declared the commercial relationship with you, and done so in accordance with all applicable jurisdictional advertising laws?

The complication and some guidance

1. Finding all of your content

You know the list of Creators who you have booked and even signed. But can you find all of the content, over multiple days, over multiple platforms and multiple formats. See our guide on how 1 campaign, with only 50 Creators, has the potential to lead to 1,350 pieces of content in a matter of days. See it here >>

2. Finding your Brand and Product mentions - accurately!

Once you have found them and can measure their duration, reach and engagement, did they say your brand or product name? You can either watch them all, or you can use a tool.


Accuracy is the key here. See our guide on general AI tools are regularly missing brand names. See it here >>

3. Contractual Checks & Advertising compliance

Do you know your marketing obligations under domestic and international laws? Remember it isn’t just where your company, client or partnered creator are based, it’s where the content can be viewed that has a  material impact!

Do you know who regulates your country? And whose jurisdiction are you in?

There are fines, and in some specific industries there can be custodial risk for brands and agencies jointly!

And depending on your industry, you may have extra phrases you need to ensure have been said. For example in financial services there are additional rules about retailing advertising including not making things urgent, and you can’t give individuals financial advice.

Wouldn’t it be good if you can confirm they said things like, “This is not financial advice”!


Not financial advice

See our guide on understanding advertising compliance, see it here >>

Why RippleXn?

RippleXn can simultaneously watch thousands of hours of social video. It can harvest the text and descriptions, but most importantly it can understand the spoken word.

RippleXn’s tool can solve these problems.

What should I do next?

Talk to the RippleXn team at or via the onsite forms to discuss how to accurately report on your social media campaigns and advertising compliance.


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